Do not look gloomy; try to shine instead

February 15th 2023

Whatever difficulties you face, do not show your sadness and discouragement, do not look gloomy – on the contrary, try to make the light shine within you. Yes, the worse things get, the more you must shine the light. For do you know what will happen as a result? Everyone will come from all sides asking, ‘Do you need anything? What can I get you?’ You will even have a surfeit of services offered to you, simply because of your light! You believe that your misfortunes can touch people’s hearts, so you tell them about your woes, and you exaggerate, adding aches and pains in the hope that they will finally decide to help you out. However, they have only one desire: to get rid of you as quickly as possible! Yes, unfortunately that is the way it is. People rarely come to help you in such cases, because only beauty, light and love attract human beings. So, the worse things get, the more radiant and joyful you must become.*

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