Reconciling our inner life and our life in the world

February 16th 2023

You must learn to live in the world, have a relationship with it, while putting what is most important first: the soul and the spirit. An individual’s intelligence, love and willpower are revealed by the way in which they reconcile their inner life and their life in the world, and nothing is more difficult than this. For some people, the temptation is to immerse themselves in the material life, forgetting about the life of the spirit, while others are involved only with the life of the spirit, forgetting about the material life. There is, however, a third solution and everyone must find it for themselves, because each case is different. Someone who feels compelled to start a family cannot resolve the question in the same way as someone who prefers to stay single. Someone who needs a lot of physical activity cannot lead the same life as someone who has a meditative, contemplative temperament. You will say, ‘So we can’t take anyone as a role model?’ Yes, you can, but only in a broader sense, not in terms of the details. Everyone has their own path to follow, their own mission, and even if you take your Master as a role model, you must still evolve according to your own nature.*

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