Do not seek it if you want to be able to move forward

February 19th 2023

Rid yourself of the need you still have to be valued, appreciated and coddled for it is this need that prevents you from developing properly. You are offended by the smallest things simply because you have not been treated with the consideration you think you deserve. Why all the fuss? You are all sons and daughters of God, isn’t that enough for you? No, you fret and torment yourselves because human beings – who are often idiots – do not sing your praises! You can tell right away from people’s faces what they are after; and for many it is clear that they want to be bowed down to and recognized as the centre of the universe. As long as they nurture this desire instead of trying to fight it, they will not be able to move forward. Let them forget about themselves a little and they will see how free they will feel.*

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