There is no such thing as absolute equilibrium

February 20th 2023

In the book of Zohar, it is said that Libra is at the origin of creation to show that all the forces of nature are perfectly balanced. In reality, there is no such thing as absolute equilibrium; there is a constant fluctuation, for if the two pans of the scales remained perfectly steady, no manifestation would be possible. It is due to this slight imbalance that the forces flow, that everything is in motion. However, neither pan must sink too low for then it all tips over leading to total destruction. An example of this law is seen in the field of psychology. Compared to ordinary men, geniuses can be considered unbalanced, which is why it is said that there is a fine line between a lunatic and a genius. A genius knows how to work with opposing forces and remain in a creative imbalance, whereas a lunatic goes a bit too far.*

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