The ability to concentrate and to wish

February 21st 2023

Each of us has the ability to wish fervently, to ask insistently, and that is what prayer is. You do not have to be very intelligent or educated to call out to heaven; you simply need to have an intense feeling. Which is why, if someone is hesitant to undertake a spiritual life on the pretext that they do not have the necessary abilities and qualities, you can say, ‘When you are unhappy or suffering, don’t you concentrate on getting rid of your misery? Don’t you ask for help? Well that is all it takes.’ Everyone has the ability to concentrate and to cry out for help, and these are the abilities that matter most for our evolution, for our spiritual progress. Indeed, it may well be that the poor, the destitute, the unfortunate and the dying have more power of prayer than others who are numbed by success and material well-being.*

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