Consider him like an envoy from heaven

February 24th 2023

Heaven observes how you regard the truths that a Master brings you. A Master is like an envoy, an ambassador who represents a great country – heaven – and by respecting him, you show that you also respect the country that sent him. Heaven inspires your Master to tell you what is needed for your progress, and if you do not take his words seriously, how do you expect to convince heaven of your respect and love? You will not be able to, and then, upon seeing your carelessness, heaven will withdraw its help. In order to attract heaven’s benevolence, you must start from the beginning: you must take its envoys seriously. You do not realize how many spirits have undertaken to help you through your Master. Yes, thousands of entities have come to help you along your path of evolution, and if you fail to give all this proper consideration, too bad for you, you will gain nothing.*

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