Their legacy is invaluable to us

February 27th 2023

We would not be able to do anything were it not for the legacy left to us by the great Initiates; without them, our steps are faltering. What could present-day researchers do without the tremendous legacy passed down to them by the physicists, chemists and astronomers of the past? Imagine if a chemist still had to try to discover the electrolysis of water before setting to work on their research... We are fortunate to have a patrimony on the physical plane, which we recognize; but we forget the patrimony we have received in the spiritual realm. This is why we must link ourselves to the Initiates and the great Masters. What can we achieve by ourselves, relying solely on our own very limited experience and our inadequate personal efforts? Nothing, because we are weak and blind. We must rely on the beings who are above us, the great Masters of truth, so that they may impart to us their experience, the extent of which is inconceivable, and through them be united with the truth, with Christ and with the Lord.*

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