Between human beings and the forces of nature

March 1st 2023

Those who have made a profound study of the relationship between human beings and the forces of nature have discovered that there is an absolute correspondence between them. As every vibration tends to detect and fuse with other matching vibrations, every creature, by reason of its particular vibrations, its particular wavelength, is in communication with other entities and currents in the cosmos whose wavelengths and vibrations are identical. So, by virtue of their thoughts, feelings and actions, a person creates an affinity with entities and regions of the cosmos with the same wavelength, and sooner or later, the force of attraction inevitably brings them together. The light of Initiatic Science gives us the keys we need to create the destiny and the future we desire. Depending on the quality of our thoughts, feelings and desires, we are drawn towards beautiful, luminous, noble beings or, on the contrary, we topple into hell.*

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