Squaring the circle

Matter (the square) vivified by the spirit (the circle)

March 2nd 2023

From the beginning of time, geometricians have struggled in vain to solve the problem of squaring the circle; that is to say, how to draw a square with exactly the same area as a given circle. Perhaps they will solve the problem one day, but they should know that Initiates did so long ago. Thanks to their skill in observing nature, particularly trees, Initiates saw how the bare branches are periodically clothed in leaves, flowers and fruit. Periodically the spirit appears and accomplishes a certain task; this is the circle, the symbol of the limitless, infinite universe. And it is within this circle that the square (matter) can flower and bear fruit each time the spirit returns. When a tree that has been vivified by the spirit bears fruit, it has solved the squaring the circle. Sooner or later, there comes a time when the circle and the square coincide.*

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