Old age

It can be the best period of one’s life

March 3rd 2023

For disciples of Initiatic Science, old age is the best period in life, for their years of searching and inner experience have brought them lucidity, peace, serenity and kindness. If popular opinion is in direct contradiction to this, it is because old age is, in fact, an unhappy time for many people as a result of the way they have lived. They have squandered all their energies in mundane, futile, stupid activities and, when they have almost nothing left and then find themselves debilitated, ill and barren, what can they hope for in their old age? Of course, even if you lead a sensible life, old age will eventually catch up with you and perhaps illness as well. But those who have done some serious inner work will face these periods with greater strength and serenity and continue to grow spiritually richer.*

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