Human beings must grow and develop on every plane

March 6th 2023

Someone says, ‘Ah, if only I had a crust of bread I’d be happy. I would ask for nothing more!’ So you give them some bread, but then they say, ‘How marvellous it would be if I had a drop of wine; life would be complete!’ So you give them a bottle of wine. ‘Now, if only I had a cigarette that would be great!’ You give them a cigarette. ‘If only I had a pretty girl!’ It never ends! You need to eat, drink and sleep, to have a roof over your head and clothes to wear; you need to work, go out and about, read, listen to music, meet other people, reflect, admire things, and so on. Cosmic Intelligence has organized things in this way because it wants human beings to develop in every domain and on every plane. As soon as you feel a new need, a new problem arises – and then another and another and another. Our whole life is a series of exercises we have to do in order to find the solutions to all these problems.*

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