Saying an entity’s name to call on their help

March 7th 2023

The most effective way to draw an entity to oneself is to say their name. This is why the Kabbalah gives the names of the seventy-two Planetary Spirits, for each of them has a specific function and we can call on their help in the various circumstances of life. To pronounce the name of an entity is not insignificant, for the vibrations of a name put you directly in touch with the entity concerned. It is possible in this way to make contact with all the spirits of the universe and, through this contact, draw their qualities into oneself. So, be very careful about what name you pronounce, for if it is that of a fiend, you will attract all sorts of difficulties and misfortunes to yourself. Yes, a name is extremely important. There are instances when you can be saved from danger by pronouncing the name of a being whose only desire is to help humans.*

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