Know how to accept and understand it

March 8th 2023

Suffering gives humans an opportunity to enter into their own depths and reflect, meditate and draw to themselves higher beings who can guide and help them. If you suffer knowing that it is through your suffering that heaven wants to transform you, you will become an exceptional being. There is no greater science than the knowledge of how to suffer. The suffering of flowers is their scent; because of all the difficulties they have to overcome in order to withstand bad weather and endure despite all the dangers that threaten them, flowers give off an exquisite scent and we love them for it. Not all suffering distils such exquisite scents, for most human beings do not know how to suffer; they cry out at the slightest pang. Only those who have learned to accept suffering exhale this scent. When an Initiate suffers because they have taken upon themself the burdens and sins of other men, as Jesus did, this suffering accepted out of love produces the most exquisite perfume. The angels gather round them to delight in it, just as we delight in the scent of a blossoming tree in a garden.*

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