True happiness lies in the efforts we make

March 9th 2023

If things happened according to our wishes, the results would often be disastrous. We are not clear-sighted enough to see the long-term consequences of what we wish for. If the things we believe to be for our good all came to pass, we would end by living a life of idleness and pleasure. It is just as well that Cosmic Intelligence does not grant human beings the kind of happiness they want, for they would lose everything, even the taste for life. For true happiness lies in the efforts we make. So stop looking for things that are sweet and sugary, for they will only make you sick. The day you develop a taste for bitterness, for quinine, you will be on the road to salvation. Do not cry for the things you like and cannot have, for they are often the very things that would make you ill. It is heaven that deprives you of them, so that you may live a little longer.*

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