By imitating those who surpass us

March 14th 2023

Your Master is meditating. The best thing you can do in this case is to meditate too. ‘Yes, but the meditation was too long today!’ This is because your Master is better able than you to sense when conditions are favourable and to make use of them. You must try to do the same. If your Master does something you do not understand, do not argue or criticize or be up in arms about it; do as he does. One day you will understand, but in the meantime, imitate him and in this way, you will develop your intelligence. Why do you suppose someone wrote a book called ‘The Imitation of Christ’? Precisely because it is by imitating those who are far more advanced than ourselves that we can best grow and develop. And if we persevere, we too shall be capable of doing exactly what these great beings did.*

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