Moments of silence

To recover your inner peace and balance

March 15th 2023

In our Teaching, there is a reason for everything, however small and apparently insignificant. Take the example of the short pauses between each song or the silence we observe at meals. You do not yet sufficiently appreciate all these occasions that are given to you to reach a state of peace and unite yourselves to the world of harmony. Yet you can sense that the hectic pace of your daily lives is playing havoc with your nervous system. Human beings were not made to live in a perpetual state of tension that burns up all their energies. It is not normal always to have to hustle and hurry. In the long run the nervous system breaks down. When we are together, working to create an atmosphere of love and harmony, each one of us is in contact with their higher Self, and this higher Self projects rays into our cells that have a beneficial effect on our health. Many ailments can be cured in this way. This is why you must take advantage of all these moments of silence in order to recover your inner peace and balance.*

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