They revolt if the head is no longer in charge

March 19th 2023

We often hear people say, ‘I lost my head!’ Yes, they lose all control, they do not know what they are doing or saying – they lose their heads. Of course, the head is just a symbol; they could equally well speak of the heart, for the heart is also a vital centre in man. But whether they speak of the heart or the head, what people really lose in these instances is their link with the divine world, which coordinates all their activities and all the different elements within them. As a result, the disorder spreads; everything flies apart. When the cells of your body hear that the head, the boss, is no longer in charge, they all take the opportunity to break out in revolt against the rule of law, and instead of being your obedient servants, they become dangerous enemies who are ready to kill you. You end up in bed and they chuckle in delight, ‘Aha, that will teach you not to sever your ties with heaven!’ But as soon as you return to the centre, to the spirit, they start working harmoniously again.*

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