Become inwardly more generous

March 22nd 2023

It is up to you to have a rich, full, happy life, but for this, you must learn to open yourselves and become inwardly more generous. Why are you so stingy? Why do you always wait for others to take the first step, to be the first to say hello or to smile at you? You must not wait. It is up to you to project always more light and love, to perfume the air around you with your fragrance. If you do this, even the pebbles on the ground will start to quiver, and all those who approach you will feel that an unknown vibration is entering their being. Humans are capable of animating and spiritualizing matter, not only the matter of their own cells, but also that of nature, even of stones. But they cannot do this if they expect everything to come from others. They must learn to tear particles of light and love from their own heart and soul.*

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