It teaches us how to become luminous, warm and life giving

March 23rd 2023

We must all turn towards the sun, this universal principle that is the source of all religions, and steep ourselves in its example. Every day the sun gives light, warmth and life to every creature that exists: this is the religion of the sun. The sun was there even before human beings appeared on earth, and from the beginning it has always told them, ‘Get rid of your narrow notions and do as I do. Use your intelligence and your love to enfold the whole world in light, warmth and life.’ The one true religion is the solar religion, which teaches us how to become luminous, warm and life-giving. It teaches us how to work to acquire the wisdom that illuminates and solves problems; the disinterested love that embellishes, encourages and consoles; the subtle, spiritual life that makes us active, dynamic and intrepid in order to bring about the kingdom of God and His justice on earth. No one can stand up against this religion. Those who attempt to combat it destroy themselves by limiting themselves.*

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