Conventional science

One day it will confirm initiatic science

March 25th 2023

When faced with questions of a spiritual order, scientists should say, ‘The present state of our knowledge does not allow us to provide the answer. We need to study more and find other methods of investigation.’ This would be the only reasonable attitude, but instead of this, they pass judgement and lead humanity astray by taking themselves and their own limited understanding as the universal yardstick. How is it that when an explorer tells of their travels to the ends of the earth and describes the countries, mountains and animals they have seen, everybody believes them? Yet they refuse to believe those who have visited other, spiritual regions and who come back to tell of their travels! Explorers and anthropologists could very well be lying, but people believe them; however, nobody trusts the explorers of the invisible world. Why is this? Well, there are some surprises in store for conventional science, for one day it will be forced to stand up for the truths taught by Initiatic Science.*

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