Rising and preparing oneself before diving in

March 30th 2023

The subconscious is a region of darkness rather like the depths of the ocean, and it is dangerous to dive into it without the proper equipment, for there are monsters in its depths that will devour you. ‘Where can you get the right equipment?’ you ask. Well, that is not so easy. The necessary equipment can be found only in the region of the superconscious, which is on a higher level than consciousness and self-consciousness. Before diving into the subconscious you have to rise to the level of the superconscious, for it is only there that you can learn all you need to know about the structure of those obscure regions and the nature of the entities that dwell in them. Also, it is on this elevated plane that you can develop a powerful will and a luminous aura that will enable you to descend into the abyss without endangering yourself. The lower spirits will only give way before you if they see that you are properly instructed and well armed.*

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