Thoughts and feelings

At the root of our actions

April 1st 2023

You must pay attention to your actions, of course, but never lose sight of the fact that our thoughts and feelings are what is most important, for they are the real forces. Actions are but the result, the consequence of movements arising much higher up in the heart, the intellect, the soul or the spirit. The root of everything that happens on the physical plane is not on the physical plane but much further away, much higher up. This is true for the earth, the forms of which are shaped by the action of the sun, air and water, but it is also true for our actions, which depend on our thoughts and feelings. This is why you should place much more importance on the quality of your thoughts and feelings than on that of your actions, for as long as your thoughts and feelings are inspired by wisdom and love, your actions will also be inspired by wisdom and love.*

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