The teaching

It must become an intrinsic part of you

April 7th 2023

You have a Master and you follow his teaching, but do not imagine that you will retain anything if you do not strive to make this teaching an intrinsic part of yourself. It is no good repeating, ‘Our Master is good, our Master is wise’, even if you back up your words with all kinds of quotes. The goodness and wisdom of your Master are his, not yours. If you do not work to make them yours as well, they will be of very little use to you.* A true disciple is not content to vaunt their Master’s virtues or quote his words; they make his teaching their own. They assimilate it so completely that eventually, when they speak about it, they can no longer distinguish between their own thought and that of their Master. This should be a disciple’s ideal. If they do not work towards this, even if they follow their Master’s teaching for twenty or thirty years, not one scrap of it will be their own. When they come back in a later reincarnation, they will have to study all over again as though they had never had a Master or teaching before.

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