The combination of the sun, the moon and the earth

April 8th 2023

In the symbol of Mercury ☿, the Sun (masculine principle) is represented by a circle, and the Moon (feminine principle) by a segment of a circle, as though it were a rib taken from the Sun. This is why it is said in Genesis that God made Eve from a rib drawn from Adam’s side. Mercury is the combination, the intelligent fusing together of the masculine and feminine principles, and the glyph chosen by the ancient Initiates to express this is the symbol of the Sun joined to that of the Moon by the +, the symbol of Earth. The glyph of Mercury is sufficient proof of the profound science of the Initiates. One of its numerous variants, the caduceus of Hermes, represented by two serpents entwined round a central rod, has remained to this day the symbol of doctors and pharmacists.*

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