The caterpillar must become a butterfly

April 9th 2023

Human beings imagine that they are a truly magnificent aspect of nature whereas in reality they often resemble those fat, ugly caterpillars that devour leaves and cause all kinds of damage to trees.* They should withdraw into themselves and begin to reflect and meditate on the necessity of giving up some of their lower inclinations. If they did this, they would set new forces in motion, and after a little while, like caterpillars, they would emerge as dainty, free-flying butterflies, which instead of destroying the foliage simply feed on the nectar of flowers. Nature has placed signs everywhere to teach disciples and help them to understand the transformations they must work in themselves. Butterflies symbolize the soul that has been set free from all its bonds; this is true resurrection. It is no good thinking that there is a resurrection of the physical body; there is only the awakening of something within which was sleeping and which, after a lengthy work of maturation, emerges into the light.

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