Joy and suffering

They depend on our vibrations

April 13th 2023

Every single thought or feeling is in touch with all the regions and beings in the universe whose vibrations correspond to its own. This explains our joys and sufferings. Someone who drifts into a coarse, bestial way of life unwittingly joins the company of the entities of the lower regions that begin to torment him. If he wants to escape from these regions, he must intensify the vibrations of his cells through prayer, meditation and other spiritual activities such as singing or listening to music. Abandon all those useless occupations that take up so much of your time and energy for they will bring you nothing but disillusionment, and try to be as closely as possible in touch with the divine world, with your heavenly Father. Get into the habit of repeating as often as possible: ‘Lord, may your holy name be blessed for all eternity!’ and your anxieties and torment will disappear.*

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