Confront them with luminous powers

April 14th 2023

Those who insist on struggling all alone against their instincts will inevitably become weaker. Yes, because in doing so, they are struggling against themselves and this inner division makes them even more vulnerable. It is very dangerous to struggle against oneself; not only is it impossible to win a complete victory over the enemy within, but one ends up falling apart. Moral doctrines and religions that constantly preach a fight to the death against evil are ignorant of true psychology. You must learn to overcome, that is true, but not by fighting. How then? By asking other forces to come and fight for you, and these ‘other forces’ can only be luminous powers that you have nurtured thanks to your love for all that is beautiful, great and divine. Instead of attacking your instincts head on and being floored by them, or becoming completely inhibited, you must confront them with forces of light that will simply proceed to neutralize them.*

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