Troubles – flee from the entities chasing us

April 19th 2023

You feel tired and sad and you have the impression that the whole world is persecuting you. Then night comes, you go to sleep, and in your sleep you take refuge in the other world. The next day when you wake up you feel that everything has changed. What has happened? Quite simply, you managed to flee, and the inner enemies chasing you could not catch you.* This happens automatically, but you can also do it consciously. Worries, troubles and sorrow are entities that are pursuing you, and the only way to escape is to run to another plane. If the problem lies in your heart go to the intellect; if it is in the intellect, flee to your heart or your soul. If you still feel pursued in your soul, take refuge in the spirit. Nothing and no one can reach you once you are in the spirit.

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