Acknowledging that it has a creator

April 27th 2023

We are all creatures and any creature who refuses to acknowledge that they have a creator is living in the absurd. How can you expect anything intelligent from someone who denies such a simple and obvious fact, that creation and all creatures necessarily have a creator? When a crime has been committed, the first question people ask is, ‘Who did it?’ In most cases, the criminal is a long way off by then; he does not remain near his ‘handiwork’, and yet nobody doubts that the crime had an author. In the same way, if you see an unsigned painting do you say that nobody painted it? Of course not! You simply say that its author is unknown. You do not know who the artist is but you do know that they exist. Then why do some people claim that creation, this magnificent, sublime work of art, has no author? If they prefer, they could say that he is anonymous, but to deny that he exists is the worst possible aberration.*

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