Perfecting oneself

Always cling to your desire to improve

April 30th 2023

To perfect oneself is a very difficult undertaking, and when people see how slowly they are progressing, many of them stop trying, while others are so disappointed in themselves that they give way to despair. Well, the former are weak and lazy, and the latter are proud. There is never any reason to despair simply because you realize that you are still a long way from the magnificent image of yourself that you had in mind. Be humble. Say to yourself, ‘Old man (or old woman), you have not got there yet, but that does not matter. Keep trying!’ The main thing is to keep trying; never to lose your desire to be better. It does not matter if you fall down, as long as you always make the effort to get up again. Whatever the circumstances of life, the most important thing is to cling to your desire to improve. For there is always room for improvement; the notion of improvement is inseparable from human existence.*

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