How to make them become reality more quickly

May 5th 2023

Thoughts are very powerful in their own realm, that is to say, on the mental plane. But it takes a long time before they manifest on the physical plane, for they must travel through the different layers of the astral world, which serves as an intermediary between the physical and mental planes. How can we hasten this process? By nurturing feelings and carrying out actions that correspond to our thoughts. You have all seen in nature how the action of the sun on air creates winds, how the action of the air on water creates ocean waves, and how the action of water on the earth sculpts rock. According to the law of correspondences, water represents the feelings that act upon the earth, the physical body. If great magi have the power to materialize their thoughts, it is because they have learned to work with the intermediaries that allow thoughts to descend to the physical plane.*

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