Thoughts and feelings

Which we must feed with an activity that connects us to the realms of light

March 26th 2012
Thoughts and feelings are currents of force. This is why you must always be careful about the quality of what you accept into your head and heart; in fact, that must be one of your main concerns. Each day, try to devote at least a few minutes to an activity that connects you to the realms of light. Choose an occupation that requires you to attract and hold the most beautiful images, the highest states of consciousness. Consider it as the most important moment of your day; tell yourself that your future and your salvation depend on this moment. In the beginning, you may not see the benefits resulting from this activity. But carry on, and one day they will be apparent to you: little by little, you will feel yourself inhabited by something very great and very pure, and whatever happens to you this presence within will give you strength, peace and joy.