A universal language that everyone understands

May 11th 2023

The language of the sun is a universal language that all creatures understand.* It is the language of light, warmth and life. Human beings, animals and plants all understand what the sun is saying. Its very absence or presence is eloquent! Whereas other languages... Do you really believe that the missionaries succeeded in making the language of Christianity understandable to all the Africans and Indians they worked with? No, to many of them it was pure gibberish, and that is only normal. Religion must be built on irrefutable foundations, and who can refute the importance of light, heat and life? Religions have put too much emphasis on theory or on the external forms of liturgical ceremonies and rites. True religion goes beyond appearances and teaches that human beings must be luminous and full of warmth and life. In other words, they must inwardly possess the intelligence and wisdom that illuminate and solve problems, the selfless love that embellishes, encourages and consoles, and the subtle, spiritual life that makes them active, dynamic and bold in working to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

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