Luminous spirits

Get them to visit you by working to purify yourself

May 13th 2023

If you are anxious, worried and unhappy, it is because you have not managed to attract any heavenly entities whose presence would enlighten and calm you. You have allowed too many unhealthy, polluted elements to enter your physical body; you have opened the doors of your mental and astral bodies* to impure thoughts and feelings. So do not be surprised if the spirits of light are reluctant to visit you, let alone the Lord, for his dwelling is absolute purity and splendour. Those who have never worked to purify themselves, and are now sunk in cold, darkness and chaos, need to acknowledge the cause of their distress. They should say, ‘The truth is that I have brought it on myself; I have allowed all kinds of evil influences to enter in and now I feel as though heaven has forsaken me.’ This is what they should say to themselves for it is the truth; then they should immediately begin to work at their own regeneration.*

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