Heart, intellect and will

Unite these three powers

May 19th 2023

People’s hearts, intellects and wills rarely work as a team; each one is in the habit of going its own way. The intellect is excited by ideas, but the interests of the heart lie elsewhere; it runs after pleasure and forgets all about the decisions of the intellect. As for the will, it obeys sometimes the one and sometimes the other, or left to its own devices, it does as it pleases. Most people do not realize that they are full of contradictions and discord; or if they do realize it, they suppose that it is normal and have no idea why it is so. And yet the reason is simple: the three powers within them – the heart, intellect and will – are not pulling together in the same direction. The only way to put an end to this inner conflict is to give yourself a divine ideal and do everything possible to cherish and nourish it until it takes possession of you, until it becomes one with your very being.*

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