Initiatic science

Put the truths into practice

May 21st 2023

In everyday life, it is perfectly reasonable and right for everybody to express and defend their own point of view. As long as people have no knowledge of the eternal truths of Initiatic Science, they need to exercise their wits, to argue and discuss, to fight and be at each other’s throats. All that is normal. It is even possible that in crossing swords and striking sparks, they may end up coming closer to the truth. Yes, but once you are in an initiatic school and are learning about the great laws of the cosmos, why do you still argue and criticize and try to impose your personal views on others? In society, diverging opinions and debate are fine; we need many thinkers, scientists and teachers to analyze, theorize and discuss ideas, but now that you have found the truth of Initiatic Science, you no longer need to waste your time in discussion. You only need to put these truths into practice.*

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