The law of love will always transcend justice

May 22nd 2023

If everything you do is ruled by the law of justice, you are like the grocer who sells a pound of cherries and weighs them to be sure that you do not get one cherry too many. With justice of this kind, the grocer will soon have no more customers. You should always give more than you owe, for in this way you make people happy and win their friendship. Justice was useful in former times when human beings were not ready to accept the teachings of Christ, the teaching of love. The Old Testament speaks only about justice (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth); but to follow this rule today would mean a great loss. The invisible world would say, ‘Since you always behave with justice, justice will be your lot for eternity’, and this would be really terrible. But if you work according to the law of love, then you will meet with love. The law of justice is a necessary basis for moral conduct, but it is not sufficient for the establishment on earth of the kingdom of God ‘and his justice’ – for divine justice is not human justice. Love will always transcend justice.*

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