Spiritual work

No immediately visible results

June 2nd 2023

Human beings continually transgress divine laws, and as they do not immediately notice the damage occurring inside them, they imagine that they can carry on with impunity. The thing is, when worms or termites get into the beams of a house, there are no visible signs of their destructive endeavours at first – until one day the house collapses. So, it is very poor reasoning to rely on immediate results. How many times have people complained to me, ‘Master, I have been doing spiritual work for years and I don’t see any results!’ This too is poor reasoning. For the work carried out by the luminous spirits in humans is not immediately visible or tangible either. Chemistry gives us an illustration of this process of transformation. Drop by drop, you pour acid into an alkaline solution – there is no reaction. And then you add just one more drop... and all of a sudden the solution changes colour.* So, we must not imagine that nothing is happening simply because it takes a long time before we see any reaction.

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