Magic wand

A live connection between earth and heaven

June 3rd 2023

You must constantly think to re-establish the link within you between the world below and the world on high. What is a magic wand? It is a rod that connects the two worlds. A magus who does not possess this rod internally cannot activate the forces of nature within him, nor accomplish a feat of magic. Even if he holds the wand, it remains external to him because he has not understood that a true magic wand is a live connection that allows the current to flow between earth and heaven, just like when you insert a plug into a socket. The role of a magic wand is to provide a connection so that energies can flow from one world to the other. There is a power station, God, who provides the current, and in order for a lamp to light up, we must plug it in. Well, a magic wand is in fact the plug. So, when a magus possesses this plug in his head and in his heart, and then holds in his hand a magic wand, which represents this plug on the physical plane, he can transfer forces from the divine world to the physical world. This is the symbol of the magic wand.*

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