Like orchards that luminous spirits come to visit

June 4th 2023

Disciples of an Initiatic School are like orchards where all sorts of fruit trees grow. The divine gardeners, those intelligent and luminous spirits of nature, come to visit and say, ‘Oh, this watermelon, this cantaloupe, this peach... what wonderful fruits! Come on, let’s taste them!’ Yes, when they see a being who is finally awakening to the spiritual life, they tend to them, delighting in everything luminous that radiates and emanates from them. So it is that all women and men are visited by gardeners from heaven. Some will say, ‘But I have nothing to give, I am not an orchard, how can anyone come and get anything from me?’* In reality, there is always some useful element to extract, even from poisonous plants, if only to make medicine. This is why, even if they do not realize it, humans are visited by creatures from the other world that come to gather and make use of the elements they emanate.

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