Moving up in rank

Internally so as to be obeyed by our cells

June 5th 2023

We see people all over the world doing everything they can to move up in rank. They know that each time they climb a rung on the ladder, they will be paid more respect, earn more money, have more responsibilities and be in charge of more people. Yes, a change in position! There is a great lesson in this matter; everyone knows it, sees it and tries to put it into practice. Unfortunately, only a very small minority of beings have understood that we must make the same effort to rise in rank internally in order to gain more prestige and thus be listened to and obeyed by the population of cells within us that want only to do as they please. Just look at a police officer directing traffic in the street: everyone obeys him. He says, ‘Move along’, and even the greatest professors move ahead. He may not be educated himself, but his uniform and small baton suffice. The same thing happens in you: if you wear certain ‘clothing’, certain ‘badges’, your cells, which are your subjects, your subordinates, are impressed and they obey you.*

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