On the physical plane and on the spiritual plane

June 6th 2023

Look how on the physical plane, human beings have improved the tools and devices they use to work and defend themselves: pneumatic drills have replaced picks and axes, vacuum cleaners have replaced brooms... there are also tanks, canons, rockets and so on. But on the spiritual plane, people remain poor and defenceless. And yet there are all sorts of means and weapons: a talisman, a pentacle, the image of a saint, a cross and so forth. Everything that has been found on the physical plane has its equivalent on the spiritual plane. Clothes, for example, which are a protection against the cold and against blows, represent a kind of talisman. On the spiritual plane, the aura serves this purpose. The aura is one of the best forms of protection, but anything can be used to protect oneself, even a look, a smile or a wave of the hand. We use our hands so often to protect ourselves physically! We must also learn to use them to protect ourselves on the spiritual plane.*

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