Others always deserve our help when they are suffering

June 7th 2023

When you see a person suffering, you do not know whether their suffering is inflicted by divine justice or whether they have freely consented to it. How can we tell if someone is being punished, or if they have chosen to sacrifice* themselves? Many say, ‘This man is good and honest so if he is suffering, it must be because he made mistakes in a past incarnation, which he must now fix’, and they do nothing to help him. But perhaps they are mistaken. It is extraordinary – when people suffer, they obviously think that this suffering is unfair, that they do not deserve it, whereas they always find a way to justify the suffering of others. Well, from now on, you must do the opposite: when you are suffering, tell yourself that this suffering is undoubtedly justified, but when others are suffering, think that they are perhaps not guilty and that they deserve your help and understanding. This way of doing things will help you enormously to grow.

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