Peter deunov (precept)

“goodness, justice, wisdom, love and truth”

June 8th 2023

Master Peter Deunov gave the following rule: ‘Make goodness the foundation of your life, justice your measure, wisdom your shield, love your delight and truth your light’. If we reflect on the meaning of this precept, we will find it remarkably accurate. Goodness is the one solid base upon which a building can rest. Even if this building is beautiful and intelligent, it will collapse if goodness does not support it. Justice is a quality of measurement; as shown by the scales that symbolize it, to be just requires knowing how to keep a balance at all times: adding a little on one side, removing a little from the other. Wisdom is a shield with which we can protect ourselves against external and internal enemies who threaten us. Life seems insipid without love; even if we have everything – riches, knowledge and fame – without love, we would have no zest for life. Truth is the light that illuminates our path; without it, we are in darkness and we go astray.*

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