Also and foremost in the psychic world

June 11th 2023

People are complaining more and more about pollution: the earth, water, air, everything is polluted – and plants, fish, birds and humans are increasingly threatened with each passing day. Remedies are hard to find, and even if they were found, they would affect only the exterior side of things, the physical plane, and that is not enough. For toxic products, exhaust fumes and smoke are everywhere in the psychic world as well, and they are killing humankind. If so many people are sick nowadays, it is not due solely to the pollution in the air, water and food. No! If the psychic atmosphere were not so polluted, human beings would be able to neutralize all external poisons. The trouble lies first on the inside. When human beings live in harmony, the forces they possess inside react and reject impurities, even those on the physical plane, which is how the body is able to defend itself. We are vulnerable first and foremost on the psychic plane, and little by little, this weakness spreads to the physical plane.*

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