Storing up its rays in our solar plexus

June 12th 2023

We need to be in contact with this luminous, warm, life-giving power that is the sun in order to understand it and receive it. But in order to come into contact with the sun, our mind must not be preoccupied with thoughts that might lead it to wander; our heart must not be occupied left and right, but focused on the sun; and finally, we must be sufficiently prepared physically to remain before the sun while staying vigilant. So there are three conditions: free your thoughts, free your heart, and be physically well disposed. Then, we can concentrate so as to receive the vibrant rays of the sun that are powerful and rich, and imagine that we are storing them up in the cells of our brain, but especially in our solar plexus.* For the solar plexus is like a reservoir that is able to house these energies, which we can then draw upon as and when we need them.

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