The spirits of light are also subject to heredity

June 13th 2023

There are beings who come into this world totally free of faults and passions; and these beings are predestined for great work. Of course, due to heredity, they are very rare, for there are so few families on earth that are perfectly pure and able to provide a perfect body for the luminous spirits that wish to come and incarnate. Even the greatest initiates are obliged to work on their body for many years to correct certain flaws and defects. Even if their spirit helps the mother during gestation, working with her to gather the best materials, they cannot prevent a few hereditary defects from creeping in. This is why those who wish to raise a family must never forget that they have tremendous opportunities to help the spirits of light to incarnate in the most favourable conditions.* And what gratitude they will then receive from these spirits who will become their children! At the moment, we do not help them very much, so although they come from heavenly regions, they are forced to bear heavy burdens.

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