High ideal

A magical element that brings harmony

June 17th 2023

When you concentrate on the highest ideal, God Himself, who is beauty, light, purity and absolute power, a magical phenomenon occurs: an entire network of energies is woven between the forces of your being and this ideal. This ideal activates hidden forces within our being; it awakens them and draws them to itself. There is a polarization between our being and the ideal that not only serves as a means of comparison, a yardstick, a model, a sample, but it also serves as a magical element that activates the forces of consciousness, of self-consciousness. An ideal influences the mind so that it learns to distinguish, discern, classify and recognize what is perfect. An ideal awakens warmth and love in the heart; and through an ideal, the will is stimulated and energized. Thus, your high ideal brings harmony and attunes all your cells to God Himself.*

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