Differences between the laws of nature and the laws of humans

June 19th 2023

True morality is based on laws established by Cosmic Intelligence, it is not a human invention that varies according to time and place. If you are caught breaking human laws, or transgressing certain codes of conduct or limits, you must pay; but if you are not caught, nature will not come to punish you since you have transgressed only human morals. Whereas if you transgress the laws of nature, you will not get away with it. Even if humans bow to you and crown you in glory, nature will punish you: you will be troubled and physically or psychically unwell. Obviously, this is no reason to break human laws, not at all. It is said, ‘Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s’, which is to say respect the laws of the land, the laws of humans, but above all, respect the laws of God.*

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