It prevents us from reaching the heavenly regions

June 21st 2023

Do you want to know what will happen to you if you indulge in sensuality? Look at a drunkard who is completely befuddled and dazed: you will become exactly like him. ‘Oh no’, you will say, ‘I know men who change mistresses all the time, and yet they read, study and do wonderful work.’ Yes, of course, sensuality is compatible with certain intellectual or artistic faculties, but when it comes to reaching the heavenly regions, of carrying out spiritual work, they will find that they no longer possess the necessary elements, and moreover, they have no desire to elevate themselves. Look at bees that have gorged themselves on honey: they are too heavy and can no longer fly. It is the same with men and women who have not learned to control their sexual instincts – they can continue to do all sorts of work, but they can no longer fly. The heavenly regions are forbidden to them.*

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